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When looking at a floral pattern, it seems as if we are looking at a photograph rather than a fabric with a printed pattern. This effect is the reason why I choose high-quality fabrics for my designs. Despite the muted colours and the rather large pattern, the whole thing remains delicate and subtle, as if shrouded in mystery. The use of a lining underneath the whole kimono has made it malleable and works beautifully in movement, but it is not quite as airy as kimonos sewn from unlined satin. The advantage is that it can be worn all year round. It will work perfectly as a stand-alone styling piece worn instead of a dress, as well as paired with trousers and a blouse.

Designed and sewn by Monika Adamska

kimono: 100% silk, satin weave, print on shiny side (made in Italy)

lining throughout kimono: 100% silk, plain weave (made in Italy)


Kimono length: 129,5 cm
Back width: 59,0 cm
Width of single section of front (without hem strap): 30,0 cm
Width of hem strap: 7,5 cm
Sleeve length (measured along the arm from shoulder to wrist): 33,0 cm
Sleeve width: 58,0 cm
Tie belt: width/length: 9,5 cm/266,0 cm
The kimono is shown on a model with a height of 175 cm.

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